Global Medical Image Management with Specialist Video Consultation

‘ Choice enables a full spectrum of TeleMed services with integrated Video Consult allied to UK specialists.’

Choice TeleMed is a medical diagnostics company specialising in the latest Telemedicine Technology together with leading UK Consultant Specialists to provide access to a Virtual Specialist Hospital.

Choice's secure, bespoke platform is both web and cloud based, integrated to Consult Scheduling and Video Call applications such as Zoom. We can arrange to have medical Imaging and clinical notes uploaded from any location and a scheduled Specialist Consult within 24 hours (or less upon request).

Our services are cutting edge with the latest tech innovations including zero footprint, 2FA, web access portals, pseudonymisation and AI integration.

Innovative global technology platforms, leading specialist Consultants

International TeleMedicine

TeleRadiology. With a full range of leading Consultant Radiologists in all the various specialisms we provide remote access to radiology reporting and diagnosis to UK standard. Whether you are a medical insurance or Expat healthcare insurance provider and unsure about the standard of local expertise, no matter where you are in the world, upload your scans for review to UK standard with optional subsequent Video Consult.

TeleCardiology. Full Cardiology case reviews can be conducted via the Choice TeleMed platform and complemented with Doctor to Specialist (DTS) Video Consultations. Services include diagnostic interpretation of ECG’s, echocardiograms, holter monitoring, Cardiac CT, Cardiac MRI studies & Nuclear Medicine myocardial perfusion scan analysis. 

Complex case reviews can be performed of acute disorders involving myocardial infarction, myocarditis, arrhythmia to optimising management of heart failure. Indication for pacing & electrophysiology intervention can be offered.

Imaging AI. In a whole new world surrounded by complex AI (and experts), Choice TeleMed can actually provide the expertise and guidance for understanding and adoption of Imaging AI swiftly and effectively across Imaging providers. We can enable your access to a full range of AI tools while secure in the knowledge no AI company is going to access or even steal your Imaging data (we act as a safezone/sandbox for AI). 

At Choice, we have the experience and knowledge having traveled globally meeting AI providers. We also include provision for clinical validation, trialling of various AI tools, integration and triage, IG and cybersecurity, regulation and compliance, as well as best practice (usage and adoption).

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Specialist Access Globally

Choice's unique technical ability is being able to fully understand the latest in HealthTech despite the constant evolution through innovation. Productivity can dramatically improve with efficient and intelligent workflow management of which remote and outsourced telemedicine plays a vital role.

Choice TeleMed enables medical and surgical second opinion globally by providing access to UK Consultant Specialists for review that may not be available locally. A Video Consult with the local medical team enables a more informed decision to treat locally or to commence medical evacuation for off-site specialist care.

With Choice’s extensive specialist network we also facilitate roundtable case conference can involve real time multi disciplinary team (MDT) consultations assisting on site doctors with challenging multi-system patient presentations.

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