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Are you a specialist consultant, radiologist, dermatologist, or a group of consultants with capacity? Please send in your CV for review to join our growing network of specialist consultants.

We register your specialisms with Choice and have our medical director individually review each CV through our rigorous approval process so that we can match you with reporting as it comes in. Please contact us on where we'd be delighted to initiate a conversation.

The Need for Radiologists

The UK Government's drive towards outsourcing radiology reporting via teleradiology has resulted in mass emergence of private reporting companies and individual consultant radiologists operating as private reporting entities. With increased sub-specialisation too, the need to match reporting with reporters has never been so great.

Matching You to the Right Reports

Choice Teleradiology is different. We constantly assess and update your specialities, availability, and capacity in order to match you to the right workload types and volumes as they come in. We will also register your available hardware and bandwidth available so that you never have to worry about overloading your LAN with too many file transfers. What’s more, we also can offer best-practice advice on reporting workstations, based on our more than 15 years of RIS and PACS experience. You get all this when you register as one of our individual and freelance radiologists.

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