About Us

Founded in 2015, Choice TeleMed’s existence stems from the rapidly evolving landscape of imaging technology and subsequent requirement to be at the leading edge in order to maximise opportunity. Despite over 25 years of Imaging experience, the constant challenge to stay ahead, to travel globally monitoring the latest AI technology, the willingness to adopt is what drives us to succeed, to bring to you the latest in MedTech Imaging and AI Innovation.

Choice’s other stem of existence comes from our expert UK healthcare colleagues, all leading key opinion leaders, driving forward boundaries of knowledge and understanding. We ultimately pulled together a unique portfolio of academic and clinical leaders, and recognise the value that reputable UK Specialist led Imaging can offer globally.

Our portfolio includes specialists with over 350 academic publications between them, reporters for elite sport, Royal College of Radiology gold star award winners, and world-renowned professors of Radiology Oncology & Cardiology available.

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At Choice we also fully understand the need for patient-identifiable data security and treat it as a top priority. Our platform's Tier 3 secure data centre complies with the highest levels of data security in the UK.

In Summary, Choice’s unique blend of technical knowledge with leading UK expert colleague network has given us an unrivalled and unique understanding of Imaging from an innovative aspect. Collectively enabling us to offer a bespoke range of imaging services in one place delivered in a timely, personal and professional manor.

Whether you are a large pharmaceutical or biotech company, a CRO, or an academic institution, Choice can deliver your full range of Imaging needs.

High quality reporting by leading experts with timely delivery and bespoke customer relations