TeleMed Expertise to Healthcare, Pharma and CROs

Choice TeleMed provide UK Medical Imaging expertise globally to healthcare, Pharma and CROs. UK healthcare is renowned for high quality, and Choice TeleMed provide access.

Choice's two Unique Selling Points (USPs) are having the most innovative imaging platform technology, and the best Consultants in the UK - Expert knowledge of Imaging Tech with leading UK consultants to provide telemedicine in radiology and dermatology for clinical trials and medical research.

At Choice, we have 2 USPs - the most innovative global imaging platform technology, and Leading Specialist Consultants - the perfect combination for modern TeleMed

As a company, we report internationally using our customised, secure, dynamic integrated imaging platform. Our team has more than 20 years of experience, and we’ve been active since 2015. We enable access to UK medical expertise via our international Telehealth platforms, providing 24-hour global reporting to Pan-European, African, and Asian hubs. 

High quality reporting by leading experts with timely delivery and bespoke customer relations. Please explore our site for more detailed information.

Supporting your Imaging Internationally

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