Clinical Trials Imaging

Centralised Clinical Imaging Management AND Independent Image Analysis by Leading Experts

Choice TeleMed offers a full image management solution, from initial image upload to global multi-site encrypted transfers into a single core imaging lab with full specialist reader support - enabling CROs and Sponsors to access their images around the clock. 

And we are Imaging systems experts too. Our Web and Cloud PACS consolidates multiple Imaging systems with one flexible, customisable, and low maintenance cloud storage platform that lets medical imaging be accessed securely anytime, anywhere. 

As a result, Stakeholders stay connected and informed with their only requirement Internet access and logon credentials to use our system. At Choice, our system is designed to manage the entire lifecycle of imaging to help sponsors protect data integrity, meet regulatory expectations and improve trial efficiency.

A single comprehensive system to quickly upload, archive, analyse, and read trial imaging

Reputation and credibility

Medical imaging now plays a vital role in clinical trials with demand ever increasing with innovation tech like Imaging AI tools. The complexity of imaging endpoints within trials requires a robust web and cloud enabled technological solution to cover multiple dispirit sites as well as assist in the actual reads.

Reputation and credibility in Clinical Trials are paramount. Confidence is key which demands the highest quality specialists with unbiased and professional imaging support.

Reader performance is the most critical component in establishing drug or device efficacy. Our reporting is of the highest standards in the world, with award-winning experts having over 450 publications and research collaborations. All images are reported by UK specialist Consultant radiologists to the latest GDPR standards.

At Choice, we have 2 USPs - the most innovative global imaging platform technology, and Leading Specialist Consultants - the perfect combination for clinical trials

Imaging CRO

Choice TeleMed is a unique Imaging CRO. We can manage multi-site, cross border imaging studies faster, cheaper, and with lower risk. We provide cloud-based, secure management for all your medical imaging tasks in an innovative and intuitive system. Improve visibility and access while simplifying processes for sites, sponsors, and core labs alike.

We pride ourselves in Clinical Trials Imaging and on only providing the best and most reputable radiologists for single, double, peer review and adjudication reviews included in Phase I-III Clinical Trials and Class I, II, and III Medical Device Trials. 

· Trial bid imaging quotes

· Scan protocol imaging manual design

· Bid defence support

· Urgent Medical Physics Expert and Clinical Radiation Expert (MPE & CRE) reviews

· Global image management system (with blinding)

· Expert reading/reporting for leading KOLs

· AI integration - Leverage an AI read into your trial with our secure bespoke solution

Whether you're a large Pharma company, a CRO, academic institution or hospital research/trials unit, Choice TeleMed can provide your complete clinical trial imaging needs.

Agile, responsive, and with a smile on our face because we love our work

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